{Tag} 5

Mama Cam tagged me!!!!

{5 ThInGs I WaS dOiNg 5 YeArS aGo}

1. In college with a definite major in mind
2. MySpacin it up
3. Discovered that Mac's are the yo-diggity
4. Hanging out with the football team....oh dear, bless their hearts
5. Lost weight...yeah didn't last long

{5 ThInGs On My To-Do LiSt}

1. Work on my hobby room
2. Complete and mail application to Taylors Andrews esthetician program
3. Work on invitation company
4. Buy an armoire...I think they are the cutest
5. Get out of debt...pretty darn close thank you very much

{5 PlAcEs I LiVeD}

1. San Francisco, California
2. Persidio Hospital for 2 days
3. My birthmom's womb
4. Mtn. Green, Utah
5. Upstairs bedroom

{5 ThInGs I WaNt To Be DoInG iN 5 YeArS}

1. Be able to speak a foreign language
2. Perhaps be married
3. Go to New York, Paris, and Africa
4. Be a fantastic esthetician and makeup artist and be in an ipod commerical
5. Have a bun in the oven

{5 PeOpLe I TaG}

1. Aubrey
2. Cassie
3. Josh and Jessica
4. Dani
5. Terry Lynn