{High} School

So last Saturday I got together with some old friends from High School. We have seen each other here and there but it has been 7 years since all of us have been together. Oh it was so fun reminiscing from prom dress shopping, making our Halloween costumes, high school crushes, and riding with Tammy while she learned to drive a stick, well you get the idea. I wish Devany had been able to be there but she is living it up on the East coast! So much has happend to us all since, marriage, engagements, broken engagements, we have all graduated college, missions, babies, careers, boys. It was so great to have Diana's little boy Austin joining us as well:) Love you Di, Tammy, and Jen!!!!!!

{I don't know why the waiter thought that the plant should be a focal point}


Relief Society {Retreat}

So the relief society got together one crazy weekend and went up to Bishops cabin........where we did things like dance parties, moth killing, giggles, cooking, giggles, chasing butterflies, and giggles. Here some pics that Ms. Amy took:)

{You can see more pictures HERE....Go Ahead Click HERE}


{August} 15, 1984

Well it's almost that time of year, but this birthday is different I will no longer be in my mid-20s.....aaaahhhh.....Yeppers I'm turning 26....Here's a little look at the past 25 years:

Polynesian coco bean born in Cali
Graduated from college
Going on a mission
Dated a range of boys
Went to beauty school
Witnessed lots of friends get married
Overcame trials
Went to Australia
Lost loved ones
Started this blog
Saw my lovely sister get married
Crashed a lawnmower into my mom's car
Never had a speeding ticket
Read the Book of Mormon
Buried way too many animals
Created lasting friendships
Pushed my limits
Planned heaps of bridal showers
Danced my way through most of my life
Still don't know how to drive a stick shift
Never been in love
Love kissing
Created a style all my own
Still use my first drivers license....you better believe I was rockin puka shells in that picture
Designed my prom dress


{Loritab}...A gift from God

So I know you can all hardly contain yourself, you have just been wanting to know how my wisdom teeth experience was! So here you go and you're welcome:) Okay so I figured I needed to get them out soon and since I'm going on a mission I knew they were going to have to come sooner than expected. I've been terrified due to the horror stories of dear Emily and Melinda:) So the time came for my dental checkup for the mission papers. My bishop is a dentist and so he was awesome and fit me right in. He told me that they needed to come out and that he would be able to do that for me. Okay that's good and bad, but anyway! I know that I have to be put asleep, there is no way that I'm going to be up for any of that..I begged him to give me something that would just knock me out the night before....there were threats of videos being posted on youtube....so the day finally came! Oh my I was so tense sitting in that dentists chair knowing I would probably never remember this day in time! So they gave me some laughing gas which is amazing!!!!!!! I slowly started to know everything is going to be alright in the world......Alrighty cut to Wednesday...told you I don't recollect a darn thing that happened that day....until the call and text from my bishop...I HIT HIM hard and a lot during the surgery. They had to strap me down can you believe it? I also have this feeling that as I was leaving the office I said Thank You a lot to everyone...but I'm not sure. So the next few days weren't too bad, thanks to Loritab I mean who needs a spa when Loritab can relax you. I totally see how people get addicted but I won't get into that....I'm drug free.....so all is well and I will never have to go through that ever again....until childbirth....I don't know how you come back from that...okay focus....

P.S. Happy news my mission papers are going back in around September....woot woot....
P.P.S. I will be starting my fashion adventure on Monday so don't be a hater when I post pics of me that I took cuz that's a pet peeve but I promise I won't be in slutty clothes in my bathroom mirror and then uploading them on facebook in an album named "ME"



Okay so I'm way stoked about a little experiment/project that me and some stellar friends are doing. I just have to many clothes and so this will help me get creative with what I already have. My friend Danielle told me about this stylish diva that wore 30 outfits for 30 days. Sounds simple right....the trick is to get creative with what you already have. So I'm picking 6 skirts, 6 tops, 2 dresses, 2 cardigans, 3 button-ups, 4 bottoms, 7 shoes. So for 30 days I will mix and match these items to make different outfits....following....oh and I won't buy any new clothes or shoes during the 30 days! I am still picking out my options and so I'm excited to document them on my blog and we might make a special blog following all of us that are joining in! If you want to join let me know and we can be inspired by each other!