{REAL} Salt Lake

So REAL Salt Lake came to my work for their Kiss The Cup Tour after winning the MLS cup. They brought the tropy and Leo the Lion was there as well. It was way fun to hang out with them and I even got some discount tickets for their upcoming season!


{Hugs} and Kisses

So I don't have a valentine this year, suprise suprise, so I thought I would express my love for something else......headbands (i now know why i'm still single). I love headbands and holy bananas do I have a lot of them! So thanks for being so good to me and making it look like I actually spend time on my hair. You're adorable, whimisical and I plan on buying and making more of you:)

To all my friends and family here is my Valentines gift for you....One day I will be able to buy you all one but this video will give you an idea