William Rast Skinny Jean

Anthropologie Long Stem Tights

Smallville...mmmm Tom Welling

Lorac Multi-platinum Pallette...I really want the Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2 Pallette but they are out of stock

Cutest Table ever


Oh Thank {Heaven}

Yep these are my besties....I bet you're jealous as you should be;) Sorry for the many pictures but they are all just so gosh darn purty!


4 Weeks....

I will be here....ahhhhhhhhhhhh


{Gobbled} Up This Sale

Happy Thanksgiving to me.... Seriously take advantage of this SALE


{Kreativ Blogger}

So my sassy little Danielle nominated me as a Kreativ Blogger...fancy smancy. I love and I miss Dani she rocks and I'm so thankful for her and the opportunity to have become friends with her this past year. I wear my hair in a fro because of her. I want to be like her when I grow up.

1. Copy the pretty picture and post it on your blog. (coming soon.)
2. Thank the wonderful person that nominated you and link their blog.
3. Write 7 things about yourself we don't know. (you all probably know this stuff anyway but here we go...)

1. I have an obsession with headbands, 95% of the time, if you see I will be wearing one. Just look at my pics from previous posts it's a little excessive. They are so stinkin cute thought and they make my crazy curls look somewhat decent.

2. I love love love sports but don't even think of asking me to play them, it's a tragedy, I'm just a hot mess. I'm just not very competitive (except for card games previous post) so I think that's why I have a hard time. There is no such thing as a friendly game of volleyball. One of my favorite things to do, especially on dates, is going to sporting events!

3. In another life I want to be a backup singer or a writer...random I know

4. I love Utah don't get me wrong but California how I love you. I love the vibe, the poeple, the endless inspiration. It's all so beautiful

5. I fall for guys in bands (expcept for Neil Diamond). I don't know what is but whooeee..This guy and that guy...I'm in awe. It's pathetic really but come on can you blame me.

6. I will own a real Chanel item one day....enough said.

7. I have a guilty pleasure for Lifetime movies, love 'em

For my nominations:
Amy- my confidant
Cambria- super duper stylish
Aubrey- one who I can laugh with till I stop breathing


Last friday night my singles ward went up to a cabin for a leadership planning meeting and oh my heavens...so fun! We planned next years activities and broke out some sweet card games. I never get competitive expect for card games I go bananas. I have an incredibly huge bruise on my thigh from playing spoons, I just had my eye on the prize:) Here are some pics I stole from my ward blog (thanks terry lynn)


{Beauty} School

So I have been at beauty school for almost 2 months...woot woot!!! I can now start working on clients and I would love to see you! Here is a list of services and prices:

Waxing: Brows/Lip/Chin-$6.00 Each
Full Leg-$27.50
1/2 Leg-$20.00
Under Arm-$10.00

Microdermabrasion-$45.00 or Buy 5 Get 1 Free (You will see results with 6 treatments)

Chemical Peels-$45.00 or Buy 5 Get 1 Free (You will see results with 6 treatments)

Manicures/Pedicures- Manicure-$10.00

Makeup: $6.00

Hot Stone Therapy: $20.00

Eyebrow/Lash Tinting: $10.00

Lash Extensions: $50.00

Facials: Start at $25.00 and up

This is the basic list of what you can come in for ( I may have forgotten some items on the list, I will just add to it). There are different types of facials and makeup I can do a lot more with too. So if you have any questions just comment or email me: giggles1380@hotmail.com

Have a pretty day!


{Happy} Halloween

October was such a fun month but holy smokes it went by super fast. I went to Thriller, a tradition for the past 6 years with my besties, and Halloween was pretty fun this year too. I was a paper doll this year, it was a little rough to sit down but other than that, it was probably my favorite costume that I have done:)



Just wanted to do a little shout out to the dear people that I don't deserve to have in my life, but i'm so grateful for each of you.

I've Been {Tagged}

Thanks Alora for tagging me:)

RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 1 person to tag.

1. I love the Discovery Channel and TLC...I love watching the surgeries, but I can't watch them all the way through so I just pray that the episode is on again a few times, then I just watch a little bit at a time and then I will eventually have seen the whole thing.
2. My favorite color is eggplant purple...it can be elegant or whimsical...yay
3. I love LDS romance mystery thriller novels....when I find one that has all those, I'm in heaven.
4. I can't sleep on the same side of my pillow case twice ( I sleep on one side, flip it over the next night, then I use a new pillowcase; its good for you face kids)
5. I can't go to bed unless my bed is made
6. I can't sleep with socks on
7. I love love love to clean and I get a thrill buying cleaning products
8. I was adopted when I was 2 days old...I will always be a California Girl at heart
9. I adore cooking....mmmmm chocolate chip pancakes
10. I have an obsession with aprons
11. I'm half white and half polynesian
12. I love cereal
13. I throw a ton of bridal showers
14. I love odd beauty and making things pretty
15. I love being in crafty moods
16. I have a dream of being in an ipod commercial
17. I prefer showers over baths
18. When I'm bored I brush my teeth
19. I'm a hopeless romantic
20. I love weddings and every thing about them
21. I love when people dare to wear black and brown together
22. I can't stand to not have moisturizer on my feet or face
23. I love makeup...I have been daring lately and wearing a red lip often
24. Fall is my favorite season....I get to buy my favorite pieces of apparel...knit sweaters, boots, beanies, tights ( i love tights)
25. Cupcakes are flipping adorable

I'm sorry if you read this, I'm such a cotton headed ninny muggins, I really am a dork!

I'm going to break the rules and tag 2 people...ha take that blogging world....AmY C. and DaNi T.


General {Relief Society} Conference

Last Saturday Amy and I took our mom's down to the General Relief Society Conference! It was so fun to spend time with my mom and listen to the General Relief Society Presidency. I just loved every minute of it and I just feel better about where I am in my life right now and I just need to keep progressing, because Heavenly Father can't drive a parked car:) Anyway I encourage all you to read the talks that were given and just know that our Heavenly Father loves us and so many great things are in store for each of us, a simple thought but one that I have to tell myself everyday!


I'm a {Winner}

Shut the front door... I just won the cutest giveaway!!!!! I ran across this blog and she was doing a giveaway and I thought why not? What do ya know I WON! The goody bag is adorable:

A Photo Print

Essie Nail Polish

Ruby Woo Red Lipstick from MAC

Anthropologie Stationary

Handmade Headband from Daris Day Etsy Shop...I picked the pinwheel flower headband in cream

Yummy delightful treats

I love being a girl...Thanks Joni


{HoLy SmOkEs}

Wow...my life just got busier.....

Started the master esthetician program at Marinello (previously Fran Brown)...the days are super duper long but I have my Fridays off work and school so that helps and I got a facial and pedicure the first week...so not too shabby.

My TiVo is on overload...The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, The Hills, The Rachel Zoe Project and Oprah!

College football has begun...Go Wildcats...so that means work is just busy, busy, busy

I have an awesome institute class...Parables of Jesus...and it rocks

My calling is keeping me busy too but I love being over Family Home Evening...we have some really fun activities happening in the next few months

Saving more money for Australia...ahhhhhhh....I can't wait


{Shabby} Chic

So I have happy news......I'm going to Australia!!!!!!! I'm leaving in December and will be there for a few weeks. I'm going with my best friend Amy and we are so stoked. We are going just for kicks and giggles and while we are there we are going to a Young Sinlge Adult Convention thingy for 4 days...which is totally going to rock by the way...I mean hello spending time with Aussie's all day yeah life's good. I do need your help though...we are going to be there on New Years Eve...I know right....anyway at the Young Single Adult convention they are having a New Years Ball so I need a pretty party dress so keep your eye for me please, I'm kinda picky about my style, I want something different and yeah just me, If that makes any sense. I love Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters and just little boutiques that are just different ya know. Anyway send me suggestions:)


The {Princess} and the {Frog}

Word on the street is I look like the princess in this movie......


{L}ava {L}ava {L}ava

lava hot springs. left thursday night. packed kara's truck to the max. made 502 pit stops. stopped at creepy idaho bathrooms. arrived at lava super hyper. wind storms knocked everyone's tent down. froze the first night. soaked up the sun at the pool. sunburned. got "dare to square" ice cream. nap time. fireside. bag o' skits. died laughing. good girl talk with kara, amy, and lindsey. awesome nights sleep. poured all night. packed it up. slept the entire way home. showered and felt like a girl again. may not sound very exciting but it truly was an epic weekend:))))
{i only had my camera for the first half of the trip so you get jipped on the skits and other adventures}



I'm starting beauty school in September!!! I'm going to Fran Brown Marinello School of Beauty. I will be in the Master Esthetician program and I'm so stoked. I'm going to learning things from lash extensions to chemical peels. I finally feel like my life is progressing in the right direction and I couldn't have done it without the support of so many...you know who you are. When I'm done with this program in a year, I'm going to take an advanced 2 week makeup course at Taylor Andrews:) I'm excited and I will probably need people to practice on while I'm at school so let me know if your interested:))))



Love. Love. Love.
Old Navy.
Slouchy Tee.


A {Gift}

So I watched this show on MTV called '16 and pregnant' and I'm sure a lot of you may have seen it as well. One particular episode focused on a young couple that decided to put their baby girl up for adoption and an absolute darling couple was blessed with a baby due to a courageous decision. I just sobbed because it made me think of my birth mother and the courageous decision she made 24 years ago. A lot of you probably do know that I was adopted and I have been so very, very grateful for this experience. My birth mother was 19 when she had me, when my birth father found out she was pregnant he left her, so she had to go through this alone. My family got a call and they jumped at the opportunity and flew to California to pick me up when I was two days old. It was a private adoption so I have never met my birth mother but oh my goodness she will always hold a very special place in my heart. I hope to meet her one day to tell her thank you for the life I have now. My family is absolutely incredible and I couldn't imagine my life without my mom, dad, and sweet sister Nicole. I was able to be sealed to them when I was 6 months old and because of it, my knowledge and testimony of the temple and this gospel has progressed tremendously. I just felt compelled to share this:)

The day I was sealed to my family (dad is taking the pic)and excuse the faux hawk

In front of the hospital I was born in California


Happy Birthday {Mom}


i love you mom!!!!!


{Roxy} Girl....

Okay so I hope this doesn't come across mean or anything like that so don't be a hater, it was just an observation that I feel I need to express, it's a pet peeve really. So the Roxy line really is cute and all, don't get me wrong, but seriously it just seems a little over the top in Utah. There really isn't a need to stick every Roxy sticker ever made all over your honda, let me guess you have Utah hair too. Does anybody else find it a little excessive?



The last few days have been truly amazing.....
~Interviewed at a beauty school and I'm going to start the esthetician program in September
~Went to the temple and did a session with my two super cute friends, Jandi and Kara, even though the air conditioning went out it was a fantastic evening
~recieved the new Anthropologie catalog...(birthday approaching)
~Went to Nordstroms...enough said...I went with my awesome friend Amy and we had a spectactular time at the MAC beauty where we were treated with a makeover (I love love love MAC makeup bytheway...again birthday approaching)
~Hit up the Cheesecake Factory
~Pool Party at Amy's and it felt so good to just lay out and relax in the sun
~talked to my best friend Casey
~Had some good old fashioned 4th of July fun with the fam
~Just a great day and I felt so refreshed

Anyway just a peek at what's been going on...pictures coming soon



{Tag} 5

Mama Cam tagged me!!!!

{5 ThInGs I WaS dOiNg 5 YeArS aGo}

1. In college with a definite major in mind
2. MySpacin it up
3. Discovered that Mac's are the yo-diggity
4. Hanging out with the football team....oh dear, bless their hearts
5. Lost weight...yeah didn't last long

{5 ThInGs On My To-Do LiSt}

1. Work on my hobby room
2. Complete and mail application to Taylors Andrews esthetician program
3. Work on invitation company
4. Buy an armoire...I think they are the cutest
5. Get out of debt...pretty darn close thank you very much

{5 PlAcEs I LiVeD}

1. San Francisco, California
2. Persidio Hospital for 2 days
3. My birthmom's womb
4. Mtn. Green, Utah
5. Upstairs bedroom

{5 ThInGs I WaNt To Be DoInG iN 5 YeArS}

1. Be able to speak a foreign language
2. Perhaps be married
3. Go to New York, Paris, and Africa
4. Be a fantastic esthetician and makeup artist and be in an ipod commerical
5. Have a bun in the oven

{5 PeOpLe I TaG}

1. Aubrey
2. Cassie
3. Josh and Jessica
4. Dani
5. Terry Lynn


Keep {Calm} and {Carry} On

Whoa....sorry about the neglect of my blog, you deserve an update so here you go! Well this has been what's up in the last month or so.... I went 80s dancing with Cambria, Aubrey, Andee, and Cassie and oh what a fantastic (I think that would be an appropriate word) evening. I went to a few concerts with my friends Cambria and Marie. I got to see: New Found Glory, Bayside, Fall Out Boy, Cobra Starship, All Time Low, Metro Station, and Hey Monday. I don't know what it is with guys that are in bands but I fall for them everytime:) It is definitely summer and what better way to celebrate than a Bees Game and I went to Tepanyaki for the first time, throughly enjoyed it. I have been busy along with my cricut machine making invitations and cards for some bridal showers, I have a feeling I will have some baby showers coming up soon, Yay! The day finally came to go see Wicked, I bought my ticket last year, so my little heart was full of joy when I went, I can't describe the pure excitement that I felt:) In between all the craziness I have been enjoying myself at bonfires, sushi nights at shogun, going to the temple once a week to keep a perspective, and I have gone on some fun dates. Now that I have bored you, here are some pics for your enjoyment.