{L}ava {L}ava {L}ava

lava hot springs. left thursday night. packed kara's truck to the max. made 502 pit stops. stopped at creepy idaho bathrooms. arrived at lava super hyper. wind storms knocked everyone's tent down. froze the first night. soaked up the sun at the pool. sunburned. got "dare to square" ice cream. nap time. fireside. bag o' skits. died laughing. good girl talk with kara, amy, and lindsey. awesome nights sleep. poured all night. packed it up. slept the entire way home. showered and felt like a girl again. may not sound very exciting but it truly was an epic weekend:))))
{i only had my camera for the first half of the trip so you get jipped on the skits and other adventures}

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Amy said...

Erica darling... TAKE THOSE RIDICULOUS PICTURES OF ME OFF OF HERE DANG IT! Have a nice day :) loves