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A {Gift}

So I watched this show on MTV called '16 and pregnant' and I'm sure a lot of you may have seen it as well. One particular episode focused on a young couple that decided to put their baby girl up for adoption and an absolute darling couple was blessed with a baby due to a courageous decision. I just sobbed because it made me think of my birth mother and the courageous decision she made 24 years ago. A lot of you probably do know that I was adopted and I have been so very, very grateful for this experience. My birth mother was 19 when she had me, when my birth father found out she was pregnant he left her, so she had to go through this alone. My family got a call and they jumped at the opportunity and flew to California to pick me up when I was two days old. It was a private adoption so I have never met my birth mother but oh my goodness she will always hold a very special place in my heart. I hope to meet her one day to tell her thank you for the life I have now. My family is absolutely incredible and I couldn't imagine my life without my mom, dad, and sweet sister Nicole. I was able to be sealed to them when I was 6 months old and because of it, my knowledge and testimony of the temple and this gospel has progressed tremendously. I just felt compelled to share this:)

The day I was sealed to my family (dad is taking the pic)and excuse the faux hawk

In front of the hospital I was born in California


Happy Birthday {Mom}


i love you mom!!!!!


{Roxy} Girl....

Okay so I hope this doesn't come across mean or anything like that so don't be a hater, it was just an observation that I feel I need to express, it's a pet peeve really. So the Roxy line really is cute and all, don't get me wrong, but seriously it just seems a little over the top in Utah. There really isn't a need to stick every Roxy sticker ever made all over your honda, let me guess you have Utah hair too. Does anybody else find it a little excessive?



The last few days have been truly amazing.....
~Interviewed at a beauty school and I'm going to start the esthetician program in September
~Went to the temple and did a session with my two super cute friends, Jandi and Kara, even though the air conditioning went out it was a fantastic evening
~recieved the new Anthropologie catalog...(birthday approaching)
~Went to Nordstroms...enough said...I went with my awesome friend Amy and we had a spectactular time at the MAC beauty where we were treated with a makeover (I love love love MAC makeup bytheway...again birthday approaching)
~Hit up the Cheesecake Factory
~Pool Party at Amy's and it felt so good to just lay out and relax in the sun
~talked to my best friend Casey
~Had some good old fashioned 4th of July fun with the fam
~Just a great day and I felt so refreshed

Anyway just a peek at what's been going on...pictures coming soon