I'm a {Winner}

Shut the front door... I just won the cutest giveaway!!!!! I ran across this blog and she was doing a giveaway and I thought why not? What do ya know I WON! The goody bag is adorable:

A Photo Print

Essie Nail Polish

Ruby Woo Red Lipstick from MAC

Anthropologie Stationary

Handmade Headband from Daris Day Etsy Shop...I picked the pinwheel flower headband in cream

Yummy delightful treats

I love being a girl...Thanks Joni


{HoLy SmOkEs}

Wow...my life just got busier.....

Started the master esthetician program at Marinello (previously Fran Brown)...the days are super duper long but I have my Fridays off work and school so that helps and I got a facial and pedicure the first week...so not too shabby.

My TiVo is on overload...The Office, So You Think You Can Dance, Project Runway, The Hills, The Rachel Zoe Project and Oprah!

College football has begun...Go Wildcats...so that means work is just busy, busy, busy

I have an awesome institute class...Parables of Jesus...and it rocks

My calling is keeping me busy too but I love being over Family Home Evening...we have some really fun activities happening in the next few months

Saving more money for Australia...ahhhhhhh....I can't wait