I'm a {Winner}

Shut the front door... I just won the cutest giveaway!!!!! I ran across this blog and she was doing a giveaway and I thought why not? What do ya know I WON! The goody bag is adorable:

A Photo Print

Essie Nail Polish

Ruby Woo Red Lipstick from MAC

Anthropologie Stationary

Handmade Headband from Daris Day Etsy Shop...I picked the pinwheel flower headband in cream

Yummy delightful treats

I love being a girl...Thanks Joni


Josh and Jessica said...

YEAH YOU!!! Congrats, you deserve it :)

Terry Lynn said...

to go Erica!!! Don't you love it when you win something? Especially something awesome!!!

Amy said...

I think you need to post pictures of this amazing give away!! It sees to cute to be true!!