Why didn't this hunk-a-hunk of burnin love play the role of Edward in Twilight? Just something to think about or at least get you through your Thursday. By the way I have never had so much on Google when I typed his name in.......mmmmm.


All {Dolled} Up

Saturday was Morgan High's Homecoming and I had the lovely opportunity to do some absolutely darling girls makeup. Ooooo it's so much fun to be a girl. These girls seriously are the cutest and I was so excited to hang out with them on Saturday, I felt like I was 16 again, and I loved every minute. Love you Kinsey, Morgan, and Sydney!!!!!

P.S. If anyone ever needs their makeup done for that hot date or just for kicks and giggles, let me know:)


Voice of the {Spirit}

What comfort this video brought me to know that I'm not alone and the Lord is listening and answering my prayers in small and simple ways but extraordinary to me. My testimony has increased of listening to the spirit and following those promptings. I know how the Lord answers me and it's a sweet feeling to have that knowledge. It's been a roller coaster of a ride especially these last few months with making the decision to go on a mission. I believe so strongly in what I'm doing that I'm willing to fight for it. It felt so right to finally say the Lord needs me to go on a mission and I'm going to do it. I'd been too scared of the unknown and doubting myself if I could be trusted of the Lord. I know that listening to spirit continually will help me in my mission and for the rest of my life so I can truly gain that personal relationship with my Savior. I know he is in control and that wherever I get called is where the Lord has prepared those people for me. I'm still scared to death but I've been able to take great comfort in our loving Heavenly Father. I hope you enjoy this little Mormon message video:)