Last night my best friends got together for Marie to open her mission call!!!!! I'm so excited for her, she is going to Honduras. I have been so thankful for these 3 girls and the examples they have been to me. Kate is going to Thailand and I should be putting my mission papers BACK in around September:)))) All four of us are in a really good spot in life right now and things are looking good!


So I always have this fear when I get on Facebook and someone has tagged a photo of me and I'm going to have a Josie Grossie moment......well this is a recent tagged photo of yours truly.......


The {Cave}

I went to the Layton Hills Mall yesterday to go check out some MAC makeup and I just walked around to a bunch of other stores and there it was before I even entered the mall the smell of Hollister ooozzinng out of the doors. My eyes started to water and there may have been some stinging as I got closer and closer to Hollister. I walked in at my own risk of never finding my way out because I forgot my flashlight (thanks erin). As I looked around at the clothing I thought is this a place for little people, no one is that size and aren't hoodies supposed to be comfortable. I kept walking through the store which takes 8.4 seconds because they have 3 options tank tops, hoodies, skirts (which apparently they forgot to add about 4 feet of fabric). Not exactly thinking out of the box when it comes to Fashion that's for sure. I made it out safely feeling totally okay that my whole outfit that I had on probably cost less than the one stripey tanktop displayed on the overly tan mannequin. The end.



Okay so here is just a quick update for the 3.5 people that read my blog:)I have been super busy but loving life. I never really thought of July as one of my favorite months but it has been filled with


I have spent time with some of my best friends who have helped me through a very difficult time...kisses to you all! I got my wisdom teeth out....yeah that's a blog post in and of itself. (coming soon) I have started working for my dad and I'm liking it and our relationship is getting better too so it's awesome! For the record I am still going on a mission I am just waiting for the doctor's to release me so don't lose hope because I'm not! I am busy in my singles ward with two callings that have helped strengthen me and have kept focus right on! Anyway I will be back to blogging more frequently soon. Thanks for reading!



So the heavens have opened up and smiled. I pretty much melted when I found this website.....and the prices.....but nonetheless ENJOY EmersonMade


Eat Your Heart Out {Jasmine}

So last Saturday I spent the day with my best friend Casey at the Princess Festival. Absolutely adorable by the way! It is a fundraiser to get freshwater in Africa, so I couldn't pass this opportunity up...dress like a princess and help Africa...perfect! All the little girls were so flippin cute, even the one that threw up all over by our booth....anyway....it was a way fun and much needed day and afterwards Casey and I picked up some fast food and had lunch on Capital Hill...oh good times were had there as well.