Okay so here is just a quick update for the 3.5 people that read my blog:)I have been super busy but loving life. I never really thought of July as one of my favorite months but it has been filled with


I have spent time with some of my best friends who have helped me through a very difficult time...kisses to you all! I got my wisdom teeth out....yeah that's a blog post in and of itself. (coming soon) I have started working for my dad and I'm liking it and our relationship is getting better too so it's awesome! For the record I am still going on a mission I am just waiting for the doctor's to release me so don't lose hope because I'm not! I am busy in my singles ward with two callings that have helped strengthen me and have kept focus right on! Anyway I will be back to blogging more frequently soon. Thanks for reading!


Wendy said...

Good luck with your mission papers. I'll put out some good vibes for somewhere fabulously cool, like Paris or Scotland. I'll try to ward off any places like...I don't know, Nevada or Wyoming. You should go somewhere fab.

Amy said...

I love you :)