The {Cave}

I went to the Layton Hills Mall yesterday to go check out some MAC makeup and I just walked around to a bunch of other stores and there it was before I even entered the mall the smell of Hollister ooozzinng out of the doors. My eyes started to water and there may have been some stinging as I got closer and closer to Hollister. I walked in at my own risk of never finding my way out because I forgot my flashlight (thanks erin). As I looked around at the clothing I thought is this a place for little people, no one is that size and aren't hoodies supposed to be comfortable. I kept walking through the store which takes 8.4 seconds because they have 3 options tank tops, hoodies, skirts (which apparently they forgot to add about 4 feet of fabric). Not exactly thinking out of the box when it comes to Fashion that's for sure. I made it out safely feeling totally okay that my whole outfit that I had on probably cost less than the one stripey tanktop displayed on the overly tan mannequin. The end.


Danielle said...

I love it! That place is nuts, it's like a black maze.

danielle said...

hahaha erica you are the best!! i hate that store and i love you and your blog. you rock my world.

McKel said...

You said it all my dear. Hollister IS for little people and their styles are soooo blah.