i {HeArT} makeup

Despite rain, wind, and just pure coldness we got some great shots of these darlings. I had so much fun doing their makeup and styling the shots. Dani did an amazing job and captured the vision perfectly! Enjoy....


This is my mission president and his wife, her name is connie collins.....yeah we are going to get along...I'm so excited to meet them


{Guess} What?

I'm going to Indiana, Indianapolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I leave December 15......the same day as my best friend Marie...and my other bestie Kate will be in the MTC too....yay for spending Christmas together:))))) As soon as I read where I will be serving it felt soooooo right. I'm so excited! There is also a girl in my singles ward that is serving there now so I'm praying we get to see each and maybe we can be companions! In my booklet that I received with my call, great news, in the section on the dress standards for sister missionaries, they used to have Amish models but now it's adorable and happy and just oh so cute! My mission president and his wife seem like the kindest people so I'm way stoked to get to know them and do my best for them and the Lord. I got the sweetest little gift from my good friend Terry Lynn, and I'm just determined to put my whole heart and mind in this wonderful work. The church just announced they are building a temple there and oh my heavens I'm just so excited to learn more about this wonderful place that I KNOW the Lord needs me to be. BAHHHHH I need to get ready....2 months......


My mission call is here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay tuned tomorrow for even BIGGER news. I'm in such a delightful mood today I want to share something that makes me happy...this album...Anchor....by Mindy Gledhill. I would describe this album as:


Her first albums are more spiritual which is so beautiful and I just fell in love with her sincere voice. This album is more about affairs of the heart and she describes love in a whimsical way. I bought it at ladies night at Deseret Book last week and I think I have already worn the CD out in my car but ooooo I love it so much!

These are two of my favorite songs on the album, the lyrics are so romantic and just oh so cute.


This & {That}

First things first, wasn't General Conference amazing!!!! I had the opportunity to go down to the conference center to the Saturday afternoon session with Amy and Marie and also some friends from Australia that Amy and I met when we were there last year. I have been listening to the talks on my lunch breaks this week because there were just so many wonderful principles that I definitely needed to hear. I may be a little too excited about this but oh well. Our family received our awesome special issue of the Ensign this month, which is all about Temples, it's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to start reading it! Along with that came a catalog of resources for callings, gospel study, etc. I was looking through it and there they were, study guides for the New Testament, Doctrine & Covenants, and Old Testament. I know what you're thinking but I have been looking for these specific study guides forever!!!!! I have the Book of Mormon one that I got from when I was in seminary and I loved it and I have no idea what happened to the others. This last time I read the Book of Mormon I used it and oh my heavens it helped me so much. It helped me dig a little deeper and truly gain a testimony of the truths I was reading. It sounds a bit juvenile just cuz it is from the good old seminary days, but I love it. So I have been looking everywhere for the other three so I could continue studying the standard works. I got online last night and ordered them right then and there. They were also inexpensive and so that was just another blessing:)))) Anyway you should check out the site {www.store.lds.org} Who knows maybe you find some hidden treasures as well.

P.S. I know, I know this statement is getting old believe me I've gone through every human emotion possible but I should be getting my mission call next week or the week after.

P.P.S. Shout out to one of my besties...Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!!!!!! She leaves on her mission to Thailand in 2 weeks and I'm going to miss her terribly but I'm so proud of her!


Whimsical {Makeup} Photoshoot Event

Save the Date

{Saturday, October 23, 2010}

I am planning a fun filled day to celebrate being a girl

I need models and I need them to sign up ASAP!

There will be 3 sessions throughout the day - I can only do about 5 girls per session so sign up fast.

Session Times: {Please sign up HERE for time slot you would like}

More details to follow. You may sign up by:
emailing Erica Lamb~RSVP on Facebook event page~Call/text Erica Lamb
{Please RSVP by October 16 so I can send you information}


Oh So Glammy makeup artistry by Erica Lamb
Dani Taylor Photography
Whimsical Headbands by Jenny Hansen