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First things first, wasn't General Conference amazing!!!! I had the opportunity to go down to the conference center to the Saturday afternoon session with Amy and Marie and also some friends from Australia that Amy and I met when we were there last year. I have been listening to the talks on my lunch breaks this week because there were just so many wonderful principles that I definitely needed to hear. I may be a little too excited about this but oh well. Our family received our awesome special issue of the Ensign this month, which is all about Temples, it's absolutely beautiful and I can't wait to start reading it! Along with that came a catalog of resources for callings, gospel study, etc. I was looking through it and there they were, study guides for the New Testament, Doctrine & Covenants, and Old Testament. I know what you're thinking but I have been looking for these specific study guides forever!!!!! I have the Book of Mormon one that I got from when I was in seminary and I loved it and I have no idea what happened to the others. This last time I read the Book of Mormon I used it and oh my heavens it helped me so much. It helped me dig a little deeper and truly gain a testimony of the truths I was reading. It sounds a bit juvenile just cuz it is from the good old seminary days, but I love it. So I have been looking everywhere for the other three so I could continue studying the standard works. I got online last night and ordered them right then and there. They were also inexpensive and so that was just another blessing:)))) Anyway you should check out the site {www.store.lds.org} Who knows maybe you find some hidden treasures as well.

P.S. I know, I know this statement is getting old believe me I've gone through every human emotion possible but I should be getting my mission call next week or the week after.

P.P.S. Shout out to one of my besties...Happy Birthday Kate!!!!!!!!!! She leaves on her mission to Thailand in 2 weeks and I'm going to miss her terribly but I'm so proud of her!

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