I've Been {Tagged}

Thanks Alora for tagging me:)

RULES: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 1 person to tag.

1. I love the Discovery Channel and TLC...I love watching the surgeries, but I can't watch them all the way through so I just pray that the episode is on again a few times, then I just watch a little bit at a time and then I will eventually have seen the whole thing.
2. My favorite color is eggplant purple...it can be elegant or whimsical...yay
3. I love LDS romance mystery thriller novels....when I find one that has all those, I'm in heaven.
4. I can't sleep on the same side of my pillow case twice ( I sleep on one side, flip it over the next night, then I use a new pillowcase; its good for you face kids)
5. I can't go to bed unless my bed is made
6. I can't sleep with socks on
7. I love love love to clean and I get a thrill buying cleaning products
8. I was adopted when I was 2 days old...I will always be a California Girl at heart
9. I adore cooking....mmmmm chocolate chip pancakes
10. I have an obsession with aprons
11. I'm half white and half polynesian
12. I love cereal
13. I throw a ton of bridal showers
14. I love odd beauty and making things pretty
15. I love being in crafty moods
16. I have a dream of being in an ipod commercial
17. I prefer showers over baths
18. When I'm bored I brush my teeth
19. I'm a hopeless romantic
20. I love weddings and every thing about them
21. I love when people dare to wear black and brown together
22. I can't stand to not have moisturizer on my feet or face
23. I love makeup...I have been daring lately and wearing a red lip often
24. Fall is my favorite season....I get to buy my favorite pieces of apparel...knit sweaters, boots, beanies, tights ( i love tights)
25. Cupcakes are flipping adorable

I'm sorry if you read this, I'm such a cotton headed ninny muggins, I really am a dork!

I'm going to break the rules and tag 2 people...ha take that blogging world....AmY C. and DaNi T.

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