{High} School

So last Saturday I got together with some old friends from High School. We have seen each other here and there but it has been 7 years since all of us have been together. Oh it was so fun reminiscing from prom dress shopping, making our Halloween costumes, high school crushes, and riding with Tammy while she learned to drive a stick, well you get the idea. I wish Devany had been able to be there but she is living it up on the East coast! So much has happend to us all since, marriage, engagements, broken engagements, we have all graduated college, missions, babies, careers, boys. It was so great to have Diana's little boy Austin joining us as well:) Love you Di, Tammy, and Jen!!!!!!

{I don't know why the waiter thought that the plant should be a focal point}


Jacob Conrad Weaver said...

Because that is a mighty fine plant. Havent seen better than that in quite some time.

Devany said...

Good to know there was something good that came out of surviving high school social awkwardness.... good friends. Thanks for thinking of me.