{August} 15, 1984

Well it's almost that time of year, but this birthday is different I will no longer be in my mid-20s.....aaaahhhh.....Yeppers I'm turning 26....Here's a little look at the past 25 years:

Polynesian coco bean born in Cali
Graduated from college
Going on a mission
Dated a range of boys
Went to beauty school
Witnessed lots of friends get married
Overcame trials
Went to Australia
Lost loved ones
Started this blog
Saw my lovely sister get married
Crashed a lawnmower into my mom's car
Never had a speeding ticket
Read the Book of Mormon
Buried way too many animals
Created lasting friendships
Pushed my limits
Planned heaps of bridal showers
Danced my way through most of my life
Still don't know how to drive a stick shift
Never been in love
Love kissing
Created a style all my own
Still use my first drivers license....you better believe I was rockin puka shells in that picture
Designed my prom dress

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Josh and Jessica said...

:ove it your the cutest I hope you have an amazing birthday you deserve it :)