{Rosy} Cheeks

Last night I got together with three of my best friends, Cambria Cassie and Andee, to celebrate a litte Christmas cheer. We went to Happy Sumo at the Gateway and mmmmm...good, sushi always brings us together! It was so great to catch up and laugh non-stop about the most random things. We went to Urban Outfitters, a top 5 favorite store of mine, and the girls made me blush a little too much....I'm not going to elaborate on that;) I absolutely adore these girls to pieces, they have been there even when I didn't think I needed a lift, they put a smile on my face. Here is a little shout out to you crazy kids and the kindness and love you have continually shown me, I will be forever grateful for you.



marcos alvin said...

love is at the heart of all goodness!

Anonymous said...

It was such a good time. We all need to get together more often.