Stay {Classy} San Diego

I absolutely adore California, so I totally jumped at the opportunity to go with some girls from my singles ward. We left early early early on Friday all packed and ready to hit the road with Lola, the GPS system, and the awesome blossom mix thanks to Marcos! We made our first stop in St. George where we had the best smoothies at The Orange Peel. The guy that made our smoothies was super smiley, it was great. We hit the road again and made it through Vegas, I do not recommend driving through there, it was insane. We were approaching the border control of California where they check to make sure you don't bring fruit into the state. Hayli was driving at this point and eating an apple when we came the border control man, he asked if we had any fruit and she kindly handed him the half eaten apple. I don't think he knew how to react to that but he asked if we had anything else and she held up our bag of oranges, but to our suprise he let us keep them because they were sunkist, YAY, and we went along our merry way! We wanted to go to the San Diego temple to do baptisms, so we decided to go straight there, instead of dropping our stuff off at Casey and Sarah's relatives. So we were changing in the car and trying to freshen up the best we could after being in the car for 12 hours. We put the address in the GPS but Lola took us somewhere else, San Diego State University, yeah not thrilled at this point. After parking on the sidewalk and trying to keep our cool we made it. It is such a gorgeous temple and a awesome experience to do baptisms there. Casey and I wanted to go look at the sealing rooms while the others went to the car, so we asked and they said we could at the front desk so we went along upstairs but the temple workers up there in a ever so loving way kicked us out! We went and took some fun pictures outside and had dinner in the temple cafeteria. We headed to where we were staying and we were driving around in the neighborhood thinking we found their house, we went to the door and...oops wrong house. We finally made it though and it felt so good to sleep. Casey and Sarah's Uncle Craig, however, liked to talk to us for long periods of time, it was hillarious, one morning he graced Hayli with a song, it even had her name in it. So Saturday we went to the beach and oh it felt so good. There were surfers everywhere, it was like a soup of hot men. We played some volleyball and soccer on the beach and went and played in the water, we couldn't have asked for a better day. After cleaning all the salt water off and changing we went walking along the beach and they have the best climbing trees, so we took advantage of that, and there were the cutest shops in la jolla, then we went and watched the sea lions veg out. After that we drove to old town and had dinner the best mexican restaraunt, I forgot how to spell it so I won't butcher it. After dinner, we were driving around looking for this house that has made the nations number one pick for Christmas decorations. Oh my goodness, it was insane, he had it programmed to music and he had a snow machine, and it's just this guy and his wife that have been doing it for years. It brought joy to our little hearts!!! We decided to go get snacks for the drive home so we hit up Walmart and found the best deal ever, $8 dollar coats, and they were cute too, we spent a good 45 minutes deciding what color we each wanted but walked away feelin good. Sunday morning approached us, we went to sacrament meeting and then headed back to the house to pack and we were so not looking forward to getting back in the van so we did some yoga and toe touching contests. We made it home safely and it was so so so great to spend time with the funniest people ever!!!!


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Oh my goodness how fun!