Into the {Twilight}

Yes!!! The day finally came to see the movie twilight and the anticipation was killing me all day:) I went to the midnight showing at the Gateway with my friends Danielle and Cambria and every other girl in Utah, it was absolutely crazy at the theater. This girl that bought our tickets was so thoughtful and creative, she made us these bags full of cute items from the movie with quotes on them and she even gave us the soundtrack; it was so cute of her. I absolutely loved the movie though, I thought it was dazzling and cheesy. I will be honest there were a few parts where I laughed until I was crying but it was a good cheesy for sure. I would recommend it and if you need someone to go with you I will be there!!!



cambriaann said...

So... in that very last picture it looks like I'm pushing the two of you out so I can be the only one in the picture! Haha! Twilight was amaza-za-zaing

The Coach and his Wife said...

We all loved the movie too! wasnt it sooo crazy down there-I was amazed with all the people that came out! It was for sure dazzling and cheesy-but perfect (almost) ;)

Danielle said...

Uh, that last picture is not such a great one of me...but you two look cute! And Twilight was amazing!