A {Thrilling} Weekend

I had an awesome Saturday where I got to spend time with some of my best friends. It all started with a rockin bridal shower for Cassie. We had it at the Mtn. Green Fire Station and had the best chicken salad sandwiches ever. It was so fun to be with friends that I haven't seen since high school. Cassie's gifts were hilarious, we all had the non-stop giggles, everyone was so creative, but she got some way cute nighties. Later that night, it was girls night out and we went to see Thriller at Kingsbury Hall in Salt Lake. This has been a tradition for five years now and I love it. When you walk up to the theater, there are people dressed like zombies and they walk around scaring people. So many people were freaking out because they would sneak up behind you and just invade your personal bubble. After Thriller we went to the Pie Pizzeria and ordered the largest pizza from our new friend Jeff, the pizza was gross looking but not too shabby to the taste buds. While there I totally stepped out of my comfort zone. There was this flipping hot guy sitting at the table next to us, and my friend Sigrid dared me to buy him a Mountain Dew and send it to his table. After a lot of convincing from the rest of the girls, I did. We have never laughed so hard but he totally didn't do anything...hmmmm. Random note but for some reason my outfits were rockin it grandma style, butterflies and florals, vintage is in...right?
Here are some pics of all the craziness:

Visual of how the whole night was

After the show

Scary zombie chick

I totally gave her that apron

The cutest nightie


Cass said...

That apron looks goooood on!

I'm sad I missed Thriller, but it looks like you had a blast!

cambriaann said...

Ohhhhhh... what a weekend!

P.S. Thanks for the fabulous pic of me and Sig... what is my face doing?!?!