{One Republic} {The Spill Canvas} {Augustana} {The Hush Sound}

I have been looking forward to this concert for a few months now and the day finally came!!! I am not the biggest fan of One Republic, I can only hear "It's too late to apologize" so many times, but they put on a good show. I went for the three opening bands, The Spill Canvas, Augustana, and The Hush Sound. I was so disappointed to find out that Augustana would not be there, because one of the band members fell off the stage from a previous show:( The Spill Canvas and The Hush Sound were way awesome though! If you have never heard of The Hush Sound I highly recommend them, 'Lighthouse' is my favorite song, they remind of pure romance, and they totally rock live. I fell in love with the stage though, there were huge long curtains draped in deep red and throughout the show the light would hit it a certain way and they would turn magenta and deep orange. There was also lamps scattered around with rugs and a three tier chandelier, I loved it.

My camera was being stubborn, so it's a bit blurry

Em and I rockin it out


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