Rica's {Tip}

Okay I need your opinion so please please please leave your comments! I want to start doing little daily makeup tips and tricks and whatever else comes to my mind:) I do get some people that ask me about this and that when it comes to makeup and I could talk about makeup all day, So it's up to you if you want to see more beauty talk:) I also need ideas for a name for my daily tips, so don't forget to share ideas as well. I might do a little giveaway for the idea that I use...so start sharing!!!!

I love makeup and I love having a range of products from MAC to N.Y.C!!! If there is one makeup product that I could take with me on a deserted island, it would be Mascara. I tried this new mascara from CoverGirl and I love it! LashBlastFusion. I don't even have to use an eyelash curler, it's incredible. It gives me the length and the volume I want from a good mascara. I usually do two coats and on the second coat I sweep the mascara wand to the side, rather than just up, which makes your eyelashes look a little longer. Don't forget to twist your mascara wand as you pull it out and put it back in, it will last longer than if you were to pump it.


Salt City Style said...
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danielle said...

yes!!! i totally think you should. :) if not on here, then make a different blog just for your makeup/fashion/etc tips and tricks! i would follow it for sure and i will make you whatever headers you need! haha
and that's good to know with the mascara. i have such nonexistent eyelashes, i definitely need something!!

mia veronica said...

I totally tried the mascara tip today! (could I have put any more "t's" into that sentence - I think not:) It worked great! Thanks friend:)