You've Got {Mail}

After quite the day at work and 439 panic attacks later, yeah it was one of those days.....I was so relieved to be home. I received a letter from Sister Lisa Summers who is serving in my exact mission. I tell you the timing was perfect, it's really been one of those weeks actually. She answered so many questions and shared a beautiful testimony and included an adorable picture of all the sister missionaries in my mission. They all look like they are oodles of fun!!! There are only 14 sister missionaries in my mission, so I'm excited to be able to get to know them. It was a small and simple thing that I needed and I'm so grateful for Sister Summers and for her being in tune with the Spirit. It helped me get my focus back to know this is what the Lord needs me to do, and I had a better attitude at mission prep last night too:) I also found out that my best friend Marie Miles and I report to MTC at the EXACT SAME TIME...woot woot! It's been such a tender mercy to be able to go through this journey with her. The Lord is truly in His work!!!

Happy Friday

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